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Tree Culture is an innovator in Open Space Landscape Management: Preserve Home Values, Lives and the Natural Beauty of our San Diego Lifestyle.

Devastating Wildfires have been getting larger at an increasing frequency.

Fires typically start low and when they find fuel that rises to the crown of the trees, it becomes a crown fire. Crown fires send embers, fireballs and large flames across firebreaks and catch homes and businesses on fire.

Most predictions are pointing to a worsening trend. These predictions are based on one thing; we continue with what we are doing, rather than do something different.

Here is what we can do different.

The material that composes the fuel loading can be locally turned into topsoil, rather than chipping or burning it.

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We selectively cut the dead-wood and excess growth and balance the existing trees. We balance the woods for mass, light and air. This will  lead to healthier growth. Healthy growth has a low fuel load in the canopy and is not prone to catastrophic crown fires.

The excess material will be distributed onto the ground surface, in a compact manner.

The soil with the woody debris absorbs and retains water, will decompose into topsoil and will grow more resistant to wildfire.

By managing the fuel load as an asset rather than a waste, we can mitigate destructive fire at a lower cost with better results.

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